Refurbishment 2021

In 2021, we embarked on a refurbishment of the Parish Room building in conjunction with the Parochial Church Council. We now have a fully refurbished building including:

- new UPVC double glazed windows and doors
- a new and efficient boiler
- mains fire alarms and emergency exit lighting
- efficient, brighter strip lighting
- upgraded electrical wiring
- treated external wood cladding

The building is warm, clean and safe. The children and staff will benefit from cosy winters in our refurbished building and better ventilated summers. The Parish Room is a much nicer environment for all who use it. Please scroll down below to see lots of photos of the project.

The Workforce:

Thanks to all the tradespeople and companies for their work on refurbishing the building:

- Laker Electrics
- Heatworks Plumbing & Heating
- Banstead Glass
- Stewart Keen Decorators
- DH Glazing & Repairs

The Donors:

Thank you to all the parents and friends of The St Mary’s Pre-School who supported our own fundraising initiatives in aid of the refurbishment and thanks to members of the St Mary’s Magdalene Parochial Church Council and staff of The St Mary’s Pre-School who worked together to complete the refurbishment.

Finally HUGE thanks to the organisations that awarded grants to the project:

- Wates Foundation
- Bucher Municipal
- The Gatwick Airport Community Trust
- Mole Valley District Council (MV grant sourced by the Parochial Church Council)

Without these grants, the project would never have been viable and we are extremely grateful for their support.

The Process:

The Old Boiler:

The New Boiler & Heating System:

The Old Windows:

The New Windows:

The Old Doors:

The New Doors:

The Old Soffits & Facias:

The New Soffits & Facias:

Illuminated Fire Exit Signs:

Mains Fire Alarms:

The Wood Cladding Requiring Treatment:

The Treated Wood Cladding:

The Old Strip Lights:

The New Strip Lights:

The Old Decoration:

The New Decoration:

The Building Before:

The Building After: