Parent Reviews

We have now set up a profile on and Pre-School parents are welcome to leave reviews on this site. The reviews can be accessed via the link above or going to the home page and putting in our postcode RH5 4JX or any local postcode and sorting by ‘distance’.

The Good Care Guide (2014-2018)

To see what St Mary’s parents said about us on the “Good Care Guide” (an online independent review website for care providers including childcare) between 2014 and 2018 please click on the following link. [The Good Care Guide has now changed to focus purely on the care of the elderly reviews.]

St Mary’s Pre-School Good Care Guide Reviews 2014-2018

Here is an example review from The Good Care Guide:

“Wonderful Pre-School. St Mary’s Pre-School is an intimate Pre-School with very inclusive and flexible values which appeal to many in the community. Nothing is too much trouble and the staff’s commitment to the children is outstanding.” (Parent review,

Facebook Feedback 2019

The following testimonials are taken from our closed Facebook page and were posted by July 2019 leavers’ parents (or carers):

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for X, each one of you are amazing, I can really see the effort you put in to develop his early stage of his journey, X will miss you all.”

“Thank you for looking after me, building my confidence and making my ‘Pre-school experience’ over the last 2.5 years a safe, fun, adventurous, exciting, kind, caring and most of all happy one. X will miss you all. Thanks ladies for everything.”

“Thank you everyone at st Mary’s. X has had the best time and will miss you all so much.”
“X will miss you all very much. She’s loved every moment of pre school, and has made so many friends.”
“Thank you to everyone who made X’s 2.5 years at St Mary’s pre school so special. We couldn’t have asked for more. I know he is going to miss you all very much.”
“A massive Thank you to each and every single staff member at St Mary’s. You have all been so amazing with X and we couldn’t have wished for a better pre school. He talks about you individually so much I know he will miss you all.”
“Thank you All for making X’s time at pre school such a happy one! He has learnt so much from all of you ladies and has grown in confidence! I’ve also appreciated the friendly faces and advice! we really will miss you all.”
“Thanks to the whole team for your care and enthusiasm. Hudson is very sad to be leaving but he’s well-prepared for the next stage.”

Facebook Feedback 2018

The following testimonials are taken from our closed Facebook page and were posted by July 2018 leavers’ parents (or carers):

“So today is the end of an era for us, 2 and half years at St Mary’s Preschool comes to an end. I cannot thank the staff enough for everything they have done for X. A huge thank you to J for having such a special bond with him and also T & L for putting up with me and all my questions! Who’d have thought that quiet little boy would end up with a personality larger than life – now to the next chapter ” (Child X’s mum)

“Thank you St Mary’s for making the extra effort helping my little lady settle in. You work hard and I’m happy leaving her with a great team.”

“Thank you MN and all the wonderful staff at St Mary’s for looking after X so fabulously over the last two years, we will miss you all very much xx” (Child X’s Mum)

“Thank you to everyone at St Mary’s X has had the best time with you all especially MB. She has come on leaps and bounds and we will all miss you very much.” (Child X’s Mum)

Facebook Feedback 2017

The following testimonials are taken from our closed Facebook page and were posted by July 2017 leavers’ parents (or carers):

“Thank you so much for everything you have done Child X during her time with you. She genuinely loved every minute and we will miss you all very much.” (Child X’s mum)

“Thank you St. Mary’s for another great (sports) day! I still can’t believe Child X won’t be coming back! We feel very privileged that Child X got to be part of such a special school with all you lovely ladies to look after him! We will miss you!”

“Huge thank you to all the staff at St Mary’s for a wonderful year full of fun! A big thank you to Tina who has worked tirelessly with me to ensure Child X gets the very best support in her new placement. And a particularly large thank you to Jessica who has been a constant source of wonder to Child X( and me!), with her endless enthusiasm and tireless energy! Staff member X, you’ve taken a little girl who was mute at the start of September, and helped her develop into a rather chatty little madam and I honestly can’t thank you enough. I genuinely believe you’ve made the most incredible difference to her future. Child Y is very lucky to have you as his key worker too.”

“Thank you so much to all the staff at St Mary’s making Child X’s time with you one that she will always remember. You all deserve a lovely break and lots of rest.”

“Thank you all for a fab sports day! It was the perfect way to end an amazing time at St Mary’s. Wishing you all a lovely summer break. Thank you all so much.”

“Thank you everyone for a fabulous sports day yesterday! And thank you to all the lovely ladies at St Marys for all their hard work and support for the past couple of years. Child X had a fantastic time and I cannot believe she is ready to start her big school now.”

“I would not change anything at all, Pre-School is just perfect just the way it is. Warm, inviting, friendly and the children love it.”

“I honestly couldn’t think of any changes, it’s such a lovely setting and the staff are so friendly and approachable.”

“Everything in the Pre-School is perfect….”

“Thank you…. for doing a great job with our son.”

“….(child) always full of chatter about St Mary’s and really enjoys it. The staff are always supportive. Thank you for all you do.”

“I cannot thank all the staff enough on settling X in at St. Mary’s and for helping to perfect X’s final stages of toilet training.”

“Fantastic staff, fantastic Pre-School.”

“St Mary’s is a great school, X has never been left with anyone before and has settled in very well, especially with his key person. Everyone is great.”

“I have been very impressed with all the wonderful ideas and learning that is taking place every day.”

“Very impressed with the thoughtful and pro-active way the children are engaged, encouraged and developed, especially having had the chance to compare to another Pre-School. I also appreciate the flexibility shown.”

“We are more than happy with the care our daughter receives at St. Mary’s. X is very happy to go to Pre-School. X’s key worker is very kind and easy to talk to. We are particularly like the variety of activities available every session.”

“I feel that St. Mary’s dealt with the lead up to school brilliantly, and X was well prepared and settled quickly. Brilliant nursery and staff, I highly recommend.”

“The school is just perfect, I love each one of them (staff), so respectable teachers.”

“It’s perfect school, staff are great.”

“Thank you for having so easy an approach, helpful and understanding! Continue your fab work!”

“Delighted with the nursery so far. X has settled in so well and we’ve all been made to feel so welcome.”